RE POWER, LLC services, consults and trains personnel on all of our products.  We maintain a parts inventory for the units, change lubricating oil and filters when needed, bi-annual inspections, surveillance and alarm systems of the units by way of web cam, warranty of three years from date of purchase and any training needed provided that natural gas is used.   RE POWER will entertain leasing, joint ventures or partnerships.

RE POWER, LLC not only help you wholly exploit the use of alternative and renewable fuels for emissions but also provide a strategic plan that allows you to do more with less. Thus a more efficient and flexible approach can be obtained with a positive outcome that better provides for your energy needs and the community at large. Moreover, you are rewarded with the savings that represents cost containment and reduced emissions in a green approach fashioned specifically for your needs.

The efficiencies and flexibilities of using alternative and renewable fuels are not just for emissions but elaborate the total strategy of any business or government agency for the whole customer and community approach by doing more with less. The savings, cost containment, reduced emission and flexibility are endless for any situation.

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