RE POWER, LLC is a VA verified (CVE) Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  We specialize in operating off the electric grid by creating cost effective energy solutions. We optimize and customize according to our customer’s needs-no matter how difficult. RE POWER’s philosophy is to satisfy several prongs by reducing cost of 50% or more in the following:  heating facilities, heating water, snow removal, and air conditioning.  Additionally, we provide the opportunity to reduce not only, air particulates, indoor air quality -dust in facilities, emissions, carbon footprint, mobility of energy and social responsibility but also the engineering staff.   We help you set an example at your installation or facility that positively impacts the community and ultimately the earth with a gold standard.  These units are green and environmentally friendly exceeding EPA standards. Each unit is flexible enough to run on natural gas/diesel or any alternative fuel.  Renewable fuels such as biodiesel, biogas, or any combination of gases from a landfill or waste treatment plant can be utilized in our units.

RE POWER, LLC boast experience the world over.  We have provided generator units, serviced, and collaborated with generating plants, locomotives, ships, and oil rigs. We take pride in our service to customers from the chilling terrain of the Arctic Circle to the intense heat of deserts in Egypt and Iraq, and the jungles of Viet Nam; plus oil rigs from the North Atlantic to Middle and Far East and ships from Panama Canal to Nova Scotia. You too can rely on us for your energy needs.

Re Power LLC *      Main Office: (314) 830-4700

                                              Fax: 866-954-0280

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